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hydrant-colors.JPG Fire hydrants getting a face lift
 Fire hydrants require routine maintenance and upkeep to ensure they are in operation and capable of supplying the fire department with adequate water. In an effort to provide the firefighters and utilities personnel information about a hydrant at a glance, Grayson Utilities is color coding all city fire hydrants according to the National Fire Protection Association water supply availability coding. This is why you will see red hydrants with varying colors on the bonnets (top) and the caps or outlets. Blue and Green colors indicate the best hydrants. This typically means they are either the newest in the system or they are located on the larger water mains. These hydrants are capable of flowing over 1000 gallons of water per minute.
Orange and Red colors indicate lower available water supply, less than 1000 gallons per minute and are usually located in older areas of the city or areas that were developed with undersized water mains. Upgrading water mains can cost in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, therefore many older mains remain throughout the city and are replaced as funds allow.
The average house fire requires about 1000 gallons per minute to control with larger commercial fires demanding as much as 2500 to 5000 gallons per minute. This is why well maintained hydrants and a water system are essential to a towns fire protection.
It is expected that this process may take a full year to complete. The flowing of hydrants may cause discoloration of water in the area being operated, so the process can be slow going to prevent serious disruption to the system and inconvenience to residents. Residents are reminded that only city utility crews and firefighters may alter or operate a fire hydrant. The planting of flowers or shrubs, erection of fences or other obstructions or painting by the public is prohibited by ordinance and may subject violators to a fine. If you have any questions about the hydrant maintenance program, contact Grayson Utilities at 474-7569.


sidewalks-new08.jpg Main Street Sidewalk Project
In 2007, S&S Concrete of Grayson was contracted by the city council to refurbish the North sidewalk of Main Street near Lansdowne Avenue east to Pomeroy Avenue and the south side of Main from the Veterans park east to near Pomeroy. The project, with major financial assistance from the State of Kentucky, has been completed at a cost of less than $200,000. Additional funding through the state Main Street Renaissance Program has allowed the city to install vintage lighting westerly from Pomeroy on the Northside of Main. The project has been partially funded through the city's Payroll Tax. In 2009, construction continued on the south side of Main Street at Hord Street with repairs to improve access to sidewalks by the disabled and to continue the sidewalk renovation on the south side of Main continuing from Hord Street east to near Pomeroy, including improved access to the Downtown Merchants parking lot including bleacher-style steps for public activities. 2010 found further extension of renovation easterly on the south side extending better walks to near Connie's Beauty Shop.


streetsigns2.JPG Street Signs Going From GREEN to BLUE
 In an effort to differentiate between city maintained streets and county maintained roads, the city will phase out all green signs with Blue as it becomes necessary due to vandalism or the signs become unreadable with age. It is expected that this process may take 3-5 years to complete.
Currently, the city is also installing larger street signs at intersections along Carol Malone Blvd and Main Street due to congestion and faster traffic that make it difficult to read the smaller signs, especially for visitors to our city not familiar with street names.
The city solicits assistance from its citizens to maintain it signage. Adequate, legible signs are essential in directing emergency services to locations during times of emergency.
Missing or damaged street signs should be reported to the street department at 474-0654 or by calling city hall at 474-6651 for repair or replacement.


Dixie_ball_court.jpg Park Improvements in Dixie Park area
 In June 2008, city council installed basketball goals on a court in the Dixie Park Sub-Division that had long been neglected and forgotten. Now activity in the vicinity of the park is thriving daily. Further improvements have been completed with the addition of park benches and picnic tables installed in the fall of 2008. Plans are being made to add an additional ball court, court lighting and a walking track around the perimeter (approx 1/8 mi) of the park by the end of 2013.


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