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Streets06PU.jpgGrayson has a very diverse public works department. Working from facilities located on River Road, the 4 employees of streets/public works mow acres of public right of ways, provide general maintenance to city hall and other public buildings, maintain over 20 miles of streets and sidewalks with routine sweeping, painting of curbs and crosswalks, maintenance of signage, clearing ditch lines and drains, and winter salting with snow removal. They maintain our park grounds with mowing, litter abatement and equipment repairs.

The facilities and garage of the street dept are located on River Road just off East Main Street.

The contact number to reach the street department is 474-0654 during normal business hours Mon-Fri.

Dixie Park Community Park


Please report potholes or other damage to streets and sidewalks for needed repair to the street dept at 474-0654.

Email to the city street department

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