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The City of Grayson, through ordinances, has adopted a series of planning and zoning laws that direct and control growth and activites within the limits of the city.
This page offers information related to the city's ZONING regulations.
Additional information or assistance with zoning related issues within the city may be obtained from the Code Enforcement Officer of the city, Mr. John Lands, at 606-474-6652 or by visiting his office within city hall at 302 E. Main St.

Zoning Regulations Document
               2010 Version

Cover Sheet and Table of Contents

Article 1- Enactment

Article 2- Zoning Boundaries

Article 3- General Regulations

Article 4- Non-Conforming Uses

Article 5- Enforcement

Article 6- Board of Adjustment

Article 7- Amendments

Article 8- Agricultural Zones

Article 9- Residential Zones

Article 10- Business Zones

Article 11- Industrial Zones

Article 12- Mobile Home Park Zone

Article 13- Floodplain

Article 14- Residential Development

Article 15- Sign Regulations

Application for Signage

Article 16- Development Plans

Article 17- Vehicles/Parking

Article 18- Home Occupation

Article 19- Liability

Article 20- Definitions

Ord 15-2001 Subdivisions

Zoning Related Ordinances

Ord 10-2003 Relating to Residential Zones

Ord 13-2003 Relating to Manufactured Housing

Ord 1-2004 Relating to Agricultural Land Use

Ord 3-2005 Relating to Residential Zone Uses

Ord 4-2005 Relating to Mobile Homes

Ord 6-2005 Relating to the Board of Adjustments

Ord 9-2007 Relating to Parking

Ord 10-2007 Relating to Street Width

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